What is a Battery Case – Way to choose the perfect one for you

Do you want to get hold to a perfect phone charger case for your phone? Or things you need to consider when buying a one? Here in this post, I am going to share some major tips as well as a buying guide which will help you with everything, step by step.

Nowadays we can’t even imagine how to survive without a smartphone, especially when you suddenly realize that your phone is running out of battery without a charger in sight. Power banks are a good option, most of the people are in a dilemma thinking which one is the best, a charger case or a power bank. I have given all the pros and cons related to both of them.

Phone battery case

What is the Phone Battery Case?

It is a smartphone case with a built-in battery and most of these cases can also be used as protective covers. The phone and the case are connected via a connector which can stay on your phone 24/7.

These cases are also called as back batteries or external batteries. Most cases take around 6 hours or more to get fully charged, I know that’s a long time. You can charge most of these cases via Micro USB ports, also many of them have a power button and a visual indicator on the case.

Power Banks vs Phone Battery Cases

This is a burning question to most of you guys. You can decide which one is the best using the pros and cons related to both of these products.

Pros and cons of phone battery cases

These battery cases you will never forget. Most of these cases come with high power durability also as a protective case. You can charge your phone two to three times after you fully charge your battery case.

If you want to ensure you have power no matter what, getting a battery case is the best option. The reason is you will charge your phone daily, so your battery case also more likely will stay charged. When you plug in your phone, both your phone and case will charge and leave you with two fully charged devices.

Phone Battery Case

Next, let’s talk about the cons. Even though it’s very convenient to carry a battery case, the more capacity a battery case has, the bigger and heavier it gets. There are slimmer battery cases, yet it won’t have enough extra juice to your phone. When the case gets larger, it will get harder to get in and out of pockets.

Another fact is, all of these cases have a big hump at the back and make your phone looks super weird, because of this some tend to have small aches and pains after holding the phone for a quite a long time.

In some phone battery cases, the cutouts are not perfect. As in, for example, your earbuds might not reach your headphone jack, as a result, a lot of companies have included headphone extenders for this very reason. They are not the best-looking thing to carry around, but it is, unfortunately, necessary if you want to listen to your music and phone calls.

Some phone cases have two ports, one to charge the phone and the other to charge the battery case. Yet, you can avoid most of these issues by taking an apple battery case. You can charge your phone and battery at the same time via a single port. The material is of high quality and won’t feel any discomfort while holding your phone. You can charge your phone up to 2 to 3 times once the battery case is fully charged. But the case is quite expensive almost $100, where you can buy 2 to 3 other charging options to that price. I have provided you with a video on Apple smart battery cases below. Check out and see it for yourselves.

Pros and cons – Apple smart battery case

Pros and cons of Power banks.

When talking about pros, power banks or battery packs have the ability to charge more than your smartphone. You can charge your wireless headphones and other electronics you use in your day to day life.

Phone Battery Case

Another fact is that there are two to three outlets where you can charge multiple devices at the same time. You can even charge your phone several times once the power bank is fully charged. These battery packs normally charged via Micro USB cables.

You can also hand over your power bank to a friend in need with a dead phone, you can be a saviour.

Even though a power bank can perform multiple tasks, one of the biggest drawbacks is forgetfulness. You will forget to charge it or forget to bring it with you. Simply it will patiently wait for you to remember it exists.

Another fact is, some of these battery packs are hardly pocketable, especially when you connect your phone to it with a cable. Too much stuff to lug around.

The Verdict

Battery cases are very convenient considering to power banks, yet battery cases have some major issues like, if you change your phone, then you have to buy another battery case which will suit your phone model. Another issue is it will add a lot of thickness to your smartphone.

Phone Battery Case

If you want to ensure that you have power no matter what, you should look for a battery case. You won’t forget it like power banks, as it is connected to the phone, and most phone cases offer pass-through charging which charges both phone and the battery case.

The fact that you have to consider the most compared to all I mentioned above is convenience. So I guess it’s better to go with a battery case.

Buying Guide

The main reason you want a battery case is, you want more juice for your smartphone to run through the day. That means you want a battery case with a higher capacity than the battery in your smartphone. In that way, you can charge your smartphone fully at least 2 times a day. To do that, first, you want to get to know the capacity of your phone battery.

Phone Battery Case

Next, the case should be from a reputable brand. Lithium batteries normally have low capacity, they degrade over time. If you want a long-lasting battery case, go with a reputable brand. Even though Apple phones are quite expensive, they are one of the best phone battery cases. So be prepared to spend more for a higher quality product.

Check if the power button and the visual indicators are there on the battery case. Also, check out the cutouts. In some cases, you can’t reach your earbuds to the headphone jack, so many companies have included headphone extenders.

Next check whether the case material is good and whether it is comfortable to hold in your hand. Also, check how well the case fits your smartphone.


  • These cases are not waterproof, so should be kept dry. It is sensitive to rain, moisture, and many other fluids as it will corrode electronic circuits and components.
  • Also highly sensitive to high temperatures, it will reduce the life span and can damage the battery and some plastic ageing.
  • Do not throw, as it will damage the internal circuit boards.
  • Do not even think to open the case if they haven’t given any instructions.

So this is all about phone battery cases, if I have missed something please do mention in the comment section. Also, If you have any other questions please do mention in the comments section. I will reach to you asap. Have a nice day.

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