TPU Phone Cases – Get to know what you gonna buy better

TPU Phone Cases – Get to know what you gonna buy better

Hi everyone, the thing which I’m gonna talk with you today  99% of you might at least heard about it. Anyway, I’m going to share some interesting facts with you, things you might have never heard of, so stick around. Most of you at least heard the term TPU; the cases made out of this or we can simply say TPU phone cases are one of the best absorbent and most common cases made.

So is these cases good enough for your phone or do you want to learn more about these TPU cases, let’s find out!

TPU - silicone phone case


What is a TPU case?

As most of you might know TPU stands for”Thermoplastic polyurethane”, the material is highly durable and made out of a mixture of hard plastics and soft silicone. In fact, it has many properties such as elasticity, resistance to oil, grease and abrasion. On top of that, you can buy these cases at a cheap price.

So how do you know whether this case suitable for you? If you want a basic level of protection to your smartphone, of course, I would recommend you TPU cases. These are one-piece cases and slightly malleable, so they fit nicely and offer some shock protection. Another fact is that they are flexible just as silicone yet have the none gripping effect of plastic.

When talking about shock protection compared to plastic rubber can absorb more. The reason is the molecular structure of rubber can easily absorb shock compared to plastic. So if you are considered about the shock protection when buying a case, then it’s better you go for a rubber case.

TPU white transparent phone cases

How to remove yellow stain from your TPU case.

This is a common problem most of you might be facing. I have a few solutions which will help you to remove that yellowish stains from your case. But I can’t guarantee that these remedies will workout 100%, this is one of the major problems in TPU phone cases.

In these cases, the plastic itself will change colour, it mostly happens to translucent TPU cases. So, as you can see it is kind of hard to reverse the changed colour.

The remedies which I’m gonna tell you might work up to some degree, but you may not be able to get it looking like new.

  • Magic erasers – Try this one out. By keeping the eraser wet and lightly rubbing the parts which have turned yellow, you can most probably remove those stains up to some extent.
  • Lemon juice – Due to the acidity in it, it will remove most of the discolouration on your case.
  • Teeth whitening – Due to the bleaching effect in this, it may workout up to some extent.

The discolouration mainly happens as a result of UV exposure and also due to the absorption of oil and grease from your skin.

Is TPU Harmful?

The answer is no, TPU is not a toxic material, also it is safe in many applications. What I meant by that is direct contact with TPU like touching is not toxic, but when TPU is burned it creates toxic fumes including many harmful substances such as cyanide compounds.

TPU Phone cases


Some of the best TPU cases

First of all, I’m going to bring up some of the best third-party case manufacturers.

These are the links to the above websites. You will see the cases which you were hoping for.

There are many case manufacturers out there, I mentioned only a few and the best. It’s better to buy a case with a brand rather than buying unbranded ones. Be careful, most of the cases that are available online are unbranded ones. Also, they are really cheap.

There’s a thing which I forgot to mention earlier. There are waterproof TPU cases available for you to purchase. I guess most of you already know this. I’m going to write a separate article on waterproof cases soon. There I’ll tell you almost everything about it, also how to choose a waterproof case up to your taste.

TPU cases

How to choose a good TPU case for your phone?

In conclusion, now I want to give you some tips on how to choose a good TPU case.

  • When you put on the case to your phone it should need to fit perfectly. Most of the time even though you buy the correct phone case for your phone model it won’t fit perfectly. Once I had to face such kind of situation. I bought the case without checking it with my phone, so it’s a waste of money. These kinds of situations considerably happen when you buy unbranded ones. If need to buy just a random case, buy it from a nearby store rather than buying online.
  • The case should be smooth and comfortable to hold in hand.
  • Next thing is the price, It’s kinda important. My advice is don’t spend too much on a TPU case, because the cost of case material is not that expensive.
  • Finally the button access. When you buy remember to check out whether you can easily access to charge and other ports, also the side buttons, because there are some cases which fit nicely yet the cut-outs are not perfect. So as I mentioned earlier better to buy cases with a brand.

I hope you have learned the things that you wanted to know about. If I missed something feel free to mention them in the comment section so it will be a big help for me. Moreover, if you have any questions mention them in the comments section.

If you have much better suggestions for TPU phone cases feel free to share with us.

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