About Us

About Us

Hi everyone, welcome to Diollo where you can explore and get to know about thousands of different designs of cases and tempered glasses for your mobiles, laptops, tablets and all kinds of electronic devices up to your tastes. Exploring various designs for smartphones and tablets has been one of my most enjoyable hobbies.


Ever since a child, I loved to design and create things. I am quite good at drawing and painting, so normally whenever I’m free, l love to make DIY stuff, especially cases for my phone with different designs, and even to make various decors to decorate my room and to keep my things in a more organized way.

So I thought, why don’t I give it a try and make a website and publish the most popular, trending and unique designs for you all to explore and buy.


Nowadays you can easily shop online, or we can’t find a satisfactory website or the thing that we want to buy up to our tastes. We have to surf through numerous websites and pages to find what we are searching for. I have encountered many such situations several times. So l wanted to help others with these kind of difficult situations. That’s why I wanted to make a website where people can easily access what they want, so you don’t have to waste your time searching for useless things and can spend your time productively.

I will bring you unique and fascinating designs for your electronic devices up to your satisfaction. Hope you will have a great time here.

All the best,

Tharu (Bebits)

Founder of Diollo.

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  1. steffanperera (kagamïne 鏡音)

    A very useful and well organized website containing details about trending tech and trends. I’d say this is the perfect website where you can discover what you want and easily access to the product you need.

    I highly recommend this website for people who crave for the best products…

    Excellent work, Bebits <3

    1. Bebits

      Thank you so much for recommending this site for the viewers. I am planning to post more content in the near future. I hope you would find what you want through this site. Have a great day!! 😇😇

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